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For years, Brian Suder has been working towards establishing himself as an expert in mortgage and real estate management. He cemented his own place in the economic landscape following the 2008 housing crisis, during which he helped thousands of homeowners avoid foreclosures through legal and financial advisory. Once mentored by one of the country’s leading experts in loan management, Mr. Suder has been able to develop a successful trade of his own.

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About Brian Suder

As far as financial work goes, Brian Suder dabbles in a variety of different niches beyond just loan modification. His work developing high-value funds through cryptocurrency and gold investment has allowed for several investment funds to take advantage of both old and emerging channels in the financial landscape. His creative approaches to hedging and diversifying wealth have resulted in exciting new ways to produce and protect financial assets. Additionally, Mr. Suder has also worked in film production financing in partnership with Strategic Growth Capital. As a result of this collaboration, over eighteen major movies with A-list players have been financed.

Economic Consulting

Beyond being an economic consultant, Mr. Suder has also established a series of affordable legal resources for firms that are in need of legal assistance and document preparation but may not have the financial capacity to afford it. Through its network of legal resources, USA Legal has been able to assist with the processing of wills, trusts, divorce filings, and title deeds, among similar procedures.

Wealth Management

As a seasoned mortgage and estate expert, Brian Suder is the top choice for those seeking to diversify their wealth and find new investment opportunities in their financial journey. His extensive experience in various aspects of the financial landscape, as well as the legal procedures behind the, has given him the necessary wisdom to tackle complicated investment plans and newly-emerging opportunities.


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1601 Vine St.
Hollywood, CA 90028
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